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Vietnamese Folklore: The Story Of Saint Gióng - Chuyện Ông Gióng


 Vietnamese Folklore: The Story Of Saint Gióng - Chuyện Ông Gióng

During King Hùng the Sixth times, in Phù Đổng Village lived a boy named Gióng. By the time he was three years old, he still could not talk and just lay on his bed all day. At that time, the Ân enemy invaded from afar. The King sent his messengers around the country looking for talented people. When the messenger came to Gióng’s village, he suddenly spoke up and requested to enlist.

The story of Saint Gióng is a story of a patriot with extraordinary strength and courage, representing the aspiration for independence and freedom of Vietnam.

Vietnamese Folklore Series includes some of the most famous and typical Vietnamese folktales. The stories are retold in English and illustrated by well-known artists, helping readers understand more about Vietnamese cultures, such as traditional rice cakes, the New Year Pole, the legend of Sword Lake...

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